SEVCH Accounts Zuper Choice ”Zilja” 2nd place at Springer Östras club championship! Well done!

Now our cocker puppies have arrived. Everyone is booked. But we receive inquiries for the two planned litters this autumn.

We have also got a new game track champion. Congratulations field spanieln SEVCH Accounts Northern Lights!

Finally we have a confirmed pregnancy here at the kennel. A cocker litter with estimated birth 6/6.

Unfortunately we do not have any puppies at the moment ...
Some nice news though: We have got two new Game Tracking Champions!

SEVCH Accounts Xcellens ”Buck”. Congratulations!

SEVCH Accounts Ready For Me “Molle” at the honorable age of 11 years! Congratulations!

Accounts Zuper Choice "Zilja" is the winner of the intermediate class at Spinger Östra Cup, including field search and water retrieval. Congratulations!

Two new Game Tracking Champions! Congratulations!

SEVCH Accounts I Want It All “Walter”, owner Johanna Nordström

SEVCH Accounts Zuper Choice “Zilja”, owner Annika Norin.

Accounts Blue Velvet ”Cleo” has gained a new title! Rally Obedience Diploma 2 - RLD F!


The weekend, 6-7 of June, kennel Accounts had very nice game tracking days in Tumba. Seven Springers and one field participated. Our Märta was also included as "field support". The participants felt educational and inspiring with the very professional and knowledgeable Lena.

Two of the participants chose to join the aptitude class and were approved - field Accounts Aurora "Saga" with Katarina Brolin and Springer Accounts Xcellens "Buck" with Annelie Lindström. Congratulations!
Field Fecimus Hearts on Fire "Märta" completed her last two tracks in the open class with 1st prize and one with honours prize and became Wild Tracking Champion!

Presenting Ester, our cocker girl from the latest litter ♥

Cocker puppies 8 weeks and moving to new homes, see more under "puppies".

Accounts I Want It All "Walter" with owner Johanna Nordström claimed the title in Rally Obedience, RLD N, congrats! And so has "Cleo" Accounts Blue Velvet!

Accounts Northern Lights "Bruno" is Approved at blood tracking test! Congratulations Karin Regnell!

Cocker puppies planned for the autumn, see more under "puppies".

Cocker puppies 2 weeks, see more under "puppies".

Cocker puppies born, see more under "puppies".

Cocker puppies hopefully expected in February.

Welcome Vera, our new cocker girl ♥ and Korall, our springer spaniel girl!

Congratulations to 3rd place Tracker Cocker of the Year - SE VCH Accounts A Kind of Magic "Peggy" with Mikael Heinerud and 6th place SE VCH Accounts Blue Magic "Niklas" with Johanna Nordström!

Super talented RLDN RLDF RLDA Accounts Xtra Vaganza with Lotta Bäckberg came 2nd as Nosework Springer of the Year and 7th as Rally Obedience Springer of the Year, congratulations!

We congratulate new rally obedience titles for RLDN Accounts Wild Honey "Elsa" with Maria Ahlin and RLDN SE VCH Accounts Blue Velvet "Cleo" with Petra Floryd, congratulations!

English Springer Spaniel puppies born in September. See more under "puppies".

Lovely cocker puppies, after our lines, at www.trixiesvalpar.se 

 SE VCH Accounts A Kind Of Magic "Peggy" Game Tracking Champion! Owner Mikael Heinerud - Congratulations!

English Springer Spaniel puppies are planned in September.

Unfortunately, there are no cocker puppies as Nora was empty ...

Pictures of our English Springer Spaniel puppies 8 weeks. We're expecting Cocker Spaniels, see more under "puppies".

Pictures of our English Springer Spaniel puppies 4,5 weeks. See more under "puppies".

Here it has been a couple of weeks of sorrow...
Our old cocker Geltman's Moon And Stars, "Lady" has left us at the age of 13 and 3 months. So missed!
But a more fun part is that we have Springer puppies again, see more under "puppies".

Pictures of our English Springer Spaniel puppies nearly 8 weeks! We have a boy for sale.

Pictures of our English Springer Spaniel puppies 6 weeks! See more under "puppies".

English Springer Spaniel puppies born! See more under "puppies".

SEVCH Accounts Blue Velvet "Cleo" became 3rd Allround Cocker of the Year (exhibition, agility, wild track) 3rd Tracker Cocker of the Year and 4th Agility Cocker of the Year! Many thanks to handler Petra Floryd! We also say congratulations to 10th place Tracker Cocker of the Year for SE VCH Accounts Blue Magic "Niklas" with owner Johanna Nordström and 11th place Tracker Cocker of the Year for SE VCH Accounts Blue Sky "Trixie" with owner Mikael Heinerud.

English Springer Spaniel puppies are planned in week 4, 2019

Accounts Xcellent Choice "Ida" has competed in the continuing class Rally Obedience and now has the title RLDF! Congratulations!
Unfortunately, there are no puppies as Ebba was empty ...

Cocker puppies hopefully expected in November.

Accounts Blue Velvet "Cleo" (left) gained 2nd place in strong competition at the Cocker Club's Game Tracking Championship 2018! Congratulations to 7th Accounts Blue Sky, owner: Mikael Heinerud and 9th Accounts Blue Magic, owner: Johanna Nordström

"Cleo" debuted in open class at the Cocker Club Show the following day. The result was a fourth place with CQ (Champion Quality) among 19 open class bitches!

Accounts A Kind of Magic "Peggy" is approved at game tracking! Congratulations!

At Springer West Club Championship in Game Track 2018-08-05, participated the three cocker siblings Cleo, Trixi and Nicklas. Cleo won! Niklas 6th and Trixi 9th among a whole bunch of Springer Spaniels! Congratulations!

We have got two more Game Tracking Champions - Accounts Blue Sky "Trixi" and Accounts Blue Velvet "Cleo", congratulations! Now 4 of Blue-litter after Ebba and Rebus are Game Tracking Champions, barely 2 years old! We are going to redo this combination in the autumn (Accounts Titania and Evermore Vom Schloss Hellenstein)!



The Field Spaniel litter with Märta was born 28/5 and all are delivered and sold, good luck!

We're expecting field puppies! Estimated born at the end of May!

Unfortunately, Ebba was empty ... but we are planning mating Nora in May instead and the field Märta.

Cocker spaniel puppies expected in March!

Fecimus Hearts Of Fire
"Märta" gained her Swedish Show Champion title this weekend at SKK Int. in Växjö!

First, the sad part... Our beloved little Elin died quickly on 17/8. Sleep tight little "field twitter"...

Then the fun!
Both cocker puppies and field puppies are planned! See more under puppies.

Accounts Blue Magic
"Nicklas" Game Tracking Champion! He is only 14 month old! Congratulations Johanna!

Accounts Xcellent Choice "Ida" has really been on the go with owner Maja Löfstedt. Passed BHP, passed hunting ability test, rally obedience diploma novice class, 2 approved rally obedience continuing class. Congratulations!

Accounts Blue Velvet "Cleo" is approved in ability class at game tracking!

2017-07-24: Joy and sorrow...
Game Tracking Champion Accounts Xcellent Choice, just 10 months old! Congratulations Maja!
The clever siblings in Ebbas and Rebus litter continue their successes despite the fact that they are not yet a year:
Game Tracking Champion Accounts Blue Moon, owner Annelie Johansson
Approved ability class game tracking Accounts Blue Sky, owner Mikael Heinerud
Approved ability class game tracking Accounts Blue Magic, owner Johanna Nordström
What a tracking litter! Congratulations!

Sadly our English Springer Spaniel boy "Eddie" Grand Edition Della Giuliana has become an angel... 10 years old...

Pictures of our cocker puppies, 7 weeks old!
New pic of our cocker girl Accounts Blue Velvet, ”Cleo” 9 month.

Accounts Blue Moon ”Line” and Accounts Blue Velvet "Cleo" has been approved at game tracking!

Accounts Excellent Choice "Ida" has gained her 1st prize in open class at game tracking! Congratulations!

Now our cocker puppies have arrived 2nd of May!

Accounts Xcellent Choice
"Ida", owner Magnhild Löfstedt, has been approved in game tracking, only 9 months old. Congratulations!

2017-03-28: Puppies expected!

Show results from My Dog/Gothenburg: Martha got CAC and is qualified for Crufts!
Nora was third in a big intermediate class and got CQ.

2016-10-20: Presentation of our cocker girl Accounts Blue Velvet, ”Cleo”!

2016-10-14: Congratulations!!!

Fecimus Hearts On Fire BOB and gained CAC at official debut on Åland, Finland 25/9!
Accounts Vision Of Love BIS Dual Purpose at ESS East Cup for the second year in a row!
Accounts Moonlight has been
given the title RLD N, Rally Obedience Diploma Beginner!

2016-10-08: Pictures of our Cocker puppies 7 weeks! All Cocker puppies are sold.

2016-09-20: Pictures of our Cocker puppies 4 weeks! All Springer puppies are sold.

Accounts Vision Of Love
”Cider” approved in beginners class, level A, at the field trial!!!
and was BEST IN SHOW at Springer East Cup!!! Congratulations!

2016-09-09: Pictures of our Springer puppies 6 weeks! We have 2 males and 1 female for sale!
And a new 10-month photo on the Field Spaniel Marta.

2016-08-25: Pics of our Springer puppies at 4 weeks!

2016-08-20: The English Cocker puppies are here!
There were 9 strong and beautiful puppies! 6 females and 3 males, born the 16th of August 2016.

Accounts Winter Taste ”Timmi" is Approved at blood tracking test! Congratulations!

Accounts Ready For You ”Moltas” has now got two 1st prize at game tracking! Congratulations!

Accounts Vision Of Love ”Cider” gained Best In Show working dog at SSRK show!!! Congratulations!

2016-07-28: The Springer Spaniel puppies are here!
There were seven strong and beautiful puppies , 4 males and 3 females. Born the 25th of July 2016.

2016-06-15: Puppies expected!

Fecimus Hearts On Fire "Märta" gained BOB-puppy at a gundog show last weekend!

2016-05-03: Convent Springer My Happiness, "Nora" has clear hips! English Springer puppies planned, see the puppies!

2016-03-22: Welcome our new field girl Fecimus Hearts On Fire, "Marta!"

Convent Springer My Happiness, "Nora" won the junior class at the international show in Strängnäs 13/3.
It was Nora's debut in official class, there is new pictures of Nora at her site.

English Cocker puppies planned, see the puppies!

2015-08-24: Sadness... and happiness!

It's been long since the website was updated and it is painful to write this...
My once in a lifetime dog SEU (U) CH NOUCH NV-10 Periwinkle's Bronze Mannikin "Fanny" has left us... The loss is indescribable!

But... some encouraging news is that the kennel has a new little mischief cocker girl: Convent Springer My Happiness!

Kennel Accounts was third in the competition for Breeder of the Year.
Accounts Vision of Love "Cider" was 2nd in the competition for Springer of the Year!
And Accounst Opportunity "Peppsi" was 4th in the competition for Veteran of the Year!
Cider and Peppsi owned by Veronica Forsberg, knl Lost'n Found, congratulations!

2014-09-09: Our own small cocker troll Accounts Caliban and Accounts Titania has been around in puppy classes during the summer.
Caliban "Buster" has been BOB puppy at three of four shows, Titania "Ebba" has been BOS twice.
On SSRK show in Sala 9.7 Buster won the junior class with CQ.



It flows a lot of results of my super talented puppy buyers so now it was time to update the page:

RLD N Accounts Valuable  Issue "Linus"
Rally obedience title nr 1 beginner (N).
Owner Yhlva Astner. Congratulations!

Accounts Ready For Me "Moltas"
3rd place Dual Purpose Springer East Cup.
Owner Moa Hagelberg. Congratulations!

RLD N RLD F Accounts Vision Of Love "Cider"
Approved beginners class A (hunting),
Approved beginners water test, Approved water test,
3 x approved rally obedience continuation class (RLD F)
2 x 1 price bloodtracking,
4th place Dual Purpose Springer East Cup.
Owner Veronica Forsberg. Congratulations!

RLD N RLD F RLD A  SE VCH Accounts Opportunity
3 x approved advanced rally obedience class,
2 x 1st prize bloodtracking.
Owner Veronica Forsberg. Congratulations!

Accounts Wild Honey "Elsa"
Approved blood tracking test with owner Elin.

2014-02-12: Springer East awards an annual rate Activity Master.
This year Accounts took the first three places!

1st place RLD N Accounts Vision Of Love "Cider", Veronica Forsberg
2nd place RLD N RLD F VCH Accounts Opportunity "Pepsi", Veronica Forsberg
3rd Accounts Valuable Issue "Linus", Yhlva Astner

In 2nd place "Bloodhound of the year in East" came skilled SE VCH Accounts Take All Of Me "Flingan", Sofia Elfvén.

Congratulations all!!!

2014-01-14: We are so proud! Congratulations!

In 4th place Agility Cocker of the year came Accounts Moonlight "Iza". Good job Iza and Annika!

2013-11-20: Cocker puppies are here!
There were eight strong and beautiful puppies, 4 males and 4 females.
Born the 9th of November 2013 and all are blue roan.

2013-10-28: We are expecting puppies and has a new champion from the kennel!
Alva's belly is round so we will hopefully get a whole bunch of cocker puppies in about 2 weeks.

Talented Accounts Take All Of Me "Flingan" has been Swedish Tracking Champion!!!
Three straight 1st prize and also two honours prize. Lots of congratulations!!!

We have received a progress report on Accounts Moonlight "Isa" and her success on the agility course:
Last summer, she was promoted to Class 2 in both agility and jumping.
She won two Grade 1 races in June and July. Lots of congratulations!

2013-09-22: Results etc.
Really high time to update the website for all the nice results received.
Accounts Wildrose little "Wilda" has proven her feets in Visby during the two-day show.
Honours prize both days and one day BOS-puppy, congratulations!
On the first attempt Accounts Take All Of Me "Flake" took a 1st prize in open class at a tracking test, congratulations!

Pepsi and Cider at kennel Lost'N Found truly enjoyed success during the summer and early fall!

Accounts Vision of Love "Cider"
3rd best bitch with CK at SSRC Vännäs
Approved Beginner Watertest at Field Trial
Approved Aptitude class at bloodtracking

Accounts Vision of Love "Cider"
Östgöta Cup
2nd Best Dual Purpose Youngster  
Östgöta Cup
BOS at the show part
Best Dual Purpose Intermediate
Best Gundog Youngster
BIS Dual Purpose

Accounts Opportunity "Pepsi"
Östra Cup
Best Gundog Open class
4th Best Dual Purpose Open class

Östgöta Cup
3rd Best Bitch at the show part
Best Dual Purpose Open class
Best Gundog Open class

Well, what do you say? Lots of congratulations Veronica!

Angels have unfortunately been added since last update ...
Accounts Inside Information "Gibson", 12.5 years
Accounts Make Way For Tomorrow "Charlie", 10 years
Accounts Mystery Of Love "Ronja", 10 years
Accounts Master Of Arts "Sten", 10 years

Sleep well little friends and a thousand thanks to masters and mistresses who have taken such good care of them!

2013-07-17: Grief ...
It's been long since the website was updated and once I get around to it is not pleasant news.
Feels heavy to write this...
Our beloved Accounts Isabella "Elsa" left us on June 26...
Accounts Know How "Teo" is now an angel dog, 10 years old...
SVCH Accounts In The Mood "Alfie" is also an angel dog, 12.5 years old...
Thanks to the owners who truly gave your dogs a good life!

Alfons as a puppy

2013-05-03: Good news

Accounts Wilde Honey
"Elsa" with owner Maria Ahlin, debuted with flying colors!
BIS-4 puppy unofficial show. The weekend after also BIG-2!

Accounts Moonlight "Isa" with owner Annika Adolfsson, has taken Agility points and 4th place in Uppsala. Super job!

On her official debut at Kista Accounts Vision of Love "Cider" got Excellent and became 1st in junior class.
She is also x-rayed with B-hips. Congratulations Veronica!

2013-02-15: Oh what a dog's life feels short!
During the last week we have been told that the three golden oldies from our kennel passed away.
But, in a respectable age. Many hugs to the owners who kept their dogs so fine! Sleep well little friends!

Accounts Glorious Little Girl
"Ebba" who was 14 years, owners Reinius family.

SEVCH Accounts Indian Summer "Viktor" who was 12 years, owner Ewa Viklund, kennel Hot Feet

Accounts Hey Good Lookin' "Millie" who was 13 years, owner ägare Gunilla Zanders

2012-12-16: Seven fine springer puppies born with delivery in March!

2012-10-29: Results

"Pepsi" did it again, now with the title in rally obedience novice class,
so now's her name SEVCH RLDN Accounts Opportunity!
Congratulations also to Accounts Vision Of Love "Cider" to 3rd best bitch puppy class 2 with HP!

2012-09-02: Results

Lots of congratulations to the talented Accounts Only You
with owner Susanne Petersson who passed the Basic Field Trial Test B!

Huge congratulations to Accounts Queen Of Hearts by taking her last CC
in Norrköping and become Swedish Show Champion!!!

Springer Eastern Cup on 1/9 our puppies were BOB and BOS! Congratulations!
Accounts Voyager
, owner Carita Ekdahl and Accounts Vision of Love, owner Veronica Forsberg.

Today we were visited by another one of the pups from the last litter.
Accounts Very Handsome "Chester" and I really think he lives up to his name!

2012-07-26: Various updates

After a nice summer break, it's time to refresh the page again.
We wish all the puppies in the last litter best of luck in their new families!

At kennel Convent Springer Alva, see below, and our Dino had 8 puppies, so fine! Go in and watch!

Various updates have been made on our dogs, links and current litter.

Siri, 4 month
We want to present Accounts Voice of My Heart "Siri" that we kept from the last litter.

2012-05-20: Excellent at Ulrichsdal Show.

Introducing our beautiful Accounts Full Moon "Alva"
(CH Backhills New Design x Geltmans Moon And Stars)

Alva has A-hips and eyes clear.
Alva owned by the kennel but lives at kennel Convent Springer.

2012-04-15: Approved!

Photo kennel Lost'NFound
Lots of congratulations to Veronica Forsberg, kennel Lost 'N Found,
and Accounts Opportunity "Pepsi" to approved on Basic Field Trial Test B!

2012-04-11: Field mating succeeded!

2012-03-31: Springer puppies born!

2012-03-19: We are waiting and planning puppies!

Litter 1: Unfortunately, Ählin is empty ...

Litter 2: Springer puppies expected by Hot Feet Claudius and Accounts Roses For Me.
For those who want a beautiful springer to work with, see current litter.

Litter 3: Field puppies planned. We intend to mate our young field girl Accounts Queen Of Hearts
with a healthy older gentleman named Field Star Hjalmar. See planned litter.

Now we really yearn for puppies again. Below some pictures from long ago:
The little brown is SVCH Accounts In The Mood "Alfie" was born 2001-01-06,
and in the box is beloved Edith with her stunning G-litter born 1999-01-19.